Our Work

Some Selected Projects

Here are some of the great creations from Qvisten’s 23 years of production!

Meet the Herd

We constantly have great people working with us on particular projects, often for a long time. In fact, we often forget that they aren’t with us permanently. So here’s a big thank you, you all know who you are!

Ove Heiborg


Rasmus A. Sivertsen


Fredrik Kiøsterud

General Manager

Lise Osvoll


Are Austnes

Production Designer

William Eckbo Avgerinos

CG Animator

David Beer

CG Animator

Alexandra Chauvin

Producer (maternity leave)

Carl Corneil

Technical Animator

Irene Sødal Dietrichson

Producer – Commercials

Georg Barlindhaug Ellingsen

Studio Manager (paternity leave)

Steven Elvesæter

VFX Supervisor

Alexander Edvard Fusdahl

CG Generalist

Eva K. Jansson

Graphic Designer

Jo Jürgens

Pipeline TD

Cecilie Koller

CFO & Administration

Raymond Kreppene

Render / Comp. Supervisor

Mattis Gaston Larsen


Frode Mohrsen

Character TD

Yaprak Morali

Animation Supervisor

Arnfinn Moseng

Producer – Features

Anja Nicolas

Producer – Features

Jonas Røyem Ny

Studio Manager

Torbjørn Nymark

Lighting & Comp

Elisabeth Opdal

Producer – Feature

Alexander Rydberg


Eirik Smidesang Slåen

Producer – Feature

Khim Tengesdal

Art Director / Director

Anne-Grethe Thillesen

Accounting manager

Borja Veganzones

Senior Lighting TD

Svein Otto Vesteng

Render Wrangler

Ola Haldor Solvik Voll

CG Artist

Morten Øverlie

Animation Supervisor


Hairy Mascot

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Render Machines

Stop-Motion Studio

These Qites produce our lovely stop-motion animation at our secondary studio. (They need the space.)

Marius Bjørnebye Solheim

Production Coordinator

Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen


Sylvia Bjerknes Clausen

Head of Set Department

Carlos Davila

Line Producer

Maren Foldvik

Camera Assistant

Mariell Revheim Fotland

Assistant Set & Prop builder

Simon Furdal


Zacharias Grøstad

Set Dresser

Janne K Hansen

Director of Photography

Birgit Hove

Senior Set Dresser

Todor Iliev

Director of Animation

Håvard Karlsen

Rigger / Propbuilder

Jan Knutsen

Puppet Builder and Puppet Maintenance Technician

Álvaro Alonso Lomba

Head of VFX Department

Ignacio de Marco


Simen Mustvedt

Assistant Set & Prop builder

Ángel Rodríguez

2nd AD

Oscar Rodriguez

Puppet Maintenance Technician

Morten Skallerud

Director of Photography

Bob Skrzynski



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Commercial Producer: Irene Sødal Dietrichson
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Feature Producer: Ove Heiborg
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